At each lesson, you will receive one-on-one instruction with Katlyn. You will bring your own makeup and hair products so Katlyn can help you feel comfortable with what you have, but she will also be making recommendations and using her professional makeup kit! Also bring something to take notes!

Here is what we offer, but please let us know if you'd like a more customized experience!

The Itty Bitty Boutique

· how to prep your skin
· foundation
· contour
· covering up eye bags
· how to make your look last all day

What you will learn:

Adult makeup: $70 per hour

Full-face in 15 Add-On: $50


Makeup lessons

· how to curl your hair properly and make it last all day
· how to use dry shampoo properly
· how to braid
· how to put in and take care of clip-in extensions

What you will learn:

Hair lesson: $80 per hour

All About Extensions add-on course: $60 


hair lessons

Want the best of both worlds?

You'll learn the same lessons as hair and makeup but combined

What you will learn:

Private: $130 / hour (save $20)


hair & makeup bundle

Katlyn will personally go shopping with you to a local Sephora, Ulta, and a MAC Counter.

Katlyn will show you all the products she loves and also the ones she's not too fond of. She will tell you what products work well with each other and ones that don't so you aren't wasting money.

She also will tell you the products that she recommends for you to buy that will tailor to your skin needs.

What We Will Do:

$150 / hour 

*Travel fee included


shopping with Katlyn

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